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Bird Watching Tours:

Jordan has since prehistoric times been a stop on the migratory routes of dozens of bird species. Our varied natural landscapes also offer varied habitats  for our own native species and these visiting travellers.  Depending on the  season, we might travel to the oak forests and poppy fields of northern Jordan,  the humid subtropical Jordan Valley, the steep canyons and Wadi ecosystems,  the Azraq Wetlands Reserve, or the high mountains of Dana and the Jebel  Shera’a, around Petra.


Camel Trekking:

The camel is famous as “the ship of the desert;” it can survive in the desert under the harshest circumstances, travelling great distances steadily and surely.  For thousands of years the camel has been an important partner in the lives and commerce of desert peoples.
Our camel trekking tours follow ancient trade routes, passing old caravan stations and archaeological sites.  Camels afford us the great fun of staying out in the desert for as long as possible, enjoying the openness of the landscapes and giant sky during the day, and sleeping under incredible stars in dark nights un-touched by human lights – and listening to real silence.


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Diving & Snorkeling:

The Gulf of Aqaba is an outlet of the Red Sea.  Aqaba is reknowned worldwide for its coral reef and the beauty of the sea meeting the foot of the rugged Arabian mountains.  The Gulf of Aqaba hosts about 110 species of soft coral, 120 species of hard coral and over 1,000 fish species.  The city of Aqaba itself is a pleasant host for anyone interested in scuba diving, snorkeling or marine research – and its lively town center offers a venue for water sports and nightlife, too.  Aqaba’s average water temperature of 23C (+ 73F) allows the water-oriented tourist to enjoy the sea year-round.

Educational Tour:

Learn to make mosaics, learn to cook Arabic food, learn to weave a traditional carpet from Jordanian sheep’s wool, learn to make silver jewelry, embroider a madraga for your trousseau, make a goat’s hair tent, play the flute or `oud  Learn Arabic, learn to ride an Arabian horse as a Bedouin does, travel astride a camel across deserts, learn to shepherd… Study the geology of the Jordanian Rift Valley, study the Nabataeans, study Neolithic civilization, study the roots of Christianity, and study ancient or modern Islam…



On our hiking tours we will lead you through places that we have known all our lives, through our varied and striking historic and natural landscapes.  All of us at EJT grew up walking these landscapes, and we want to share with you the profound beauty of the pathways we have always followed, the views that have opened our lives and minds.


Horseback Riding:

In Petra we have almost 350 Arabian horses, owned and treasured by local families and well-looked after by our very own Princess Alia’s clinic for horses.  At EJT we concentrate on bringing benefit to the horses and their local handlers by employing them to serve you.  Horses are well-shod and saddled with careful consideration for the comfort of both horse and the rider.


Incentive Tour:

Incentive for your company or for yourself!
We are artists at relaxing because we work so hard ourselves. And because we come from Jordan, we are artists at the unique and unexpected.  We inspire and transport you from the repetitive routine of work, and even from formula versions of business incentive tours.

Islamic Tour:

You find plenty of holy sites, shrines and tombs in Jordan. Many prophets mentioned in the Old Testament, Bible and Quran lived in Jordan or traveled through the land. Here are some places you can visit for worshiping.
The prophet Noah is one of the most ancient prophets. He is mentioned in the Holy Qor'an many times, and there is even a chapter (71) named after him.


Long-Term Stays:

EJT can arrange special, long-term stays for people with special interests.  Our sole goal for long-term visitors is to make Jordan your second home. 
If you are a businessperson or investor, or even an ambitious traveller, we can provide you with every service from driver to cook to laundry and cleaning.  If you are a writer or artist, or a person who wishes to retreat to a contemplative landscape, we can also arrange for you to have a self-sufficient house and maximum privacy – all in a peaceful and comfortable environment.








Tours of Nature Reserves:

Through most of history Jordan was known for its pasturelands, forests and wilderness, which until recently surrounded most of our towns and villages.  Now only the elderly can remember these natural expanses: as in most of the world human activity is encroaching on – and endangering – nature.  69 mammal species were recorded in Jordan before the beginning of the 20th century – it is believed that today only 31 of them survive.  Still, however, we have abundant birdlife and over 3,500 plant species.  An aggressive program to establish and protect nature reserves in Jordan is helping to conserve and promote our biodervisity.


Off-Road Adventures:

If you’re looking for fun, excitement and truly great landscapes, come with us on an off-road expedition!  We can design a tour with you, or you may want to let us design one for you, and we will take you truly off the beaten track.  


Painting Tours:

Follow the route of David Roberts, the famous English painter, who arrived in Jordan during his “Oriental tour” in 1839.  Roberts painted the famous Nabataean city of Petra and the surrounding area, and in elegant watercolours he captured in the haunting and spectacular landscape much that others had failed to observe.

Photographers' Tours:

In Jordan you may take some of the most beautiful photographs of your life.  Our days are long and our light is pure and rich – the famous Mediterranean light extolled in Homer and the Hebrew Bible.
The landscapes are incredibly varied. Our southern mountain ranges are otherworldly bluffs of red, purple, orange and yellow sandstone; towering over the seacoast at Aqaba are rugged black and red granite mountain ridges and steep canyons; rolling east are the yellow limestone desert; the soft swales of pink sand desert; the brooding darkness of the black lava desert…  In the north the mountains are softer and more classically Mediterranean, with wooded slopes of old oak forest, centuries-old terraced olive orchards, red soil and golden wheat fields.


Religious Tours:

Jordan has been a place of inspiration and pilgrimage for thousands of years.  As a place through which Abraham, the father of all the monotheisms, passed in his travels from Babylonia to Arabia, Jordan has hosted the prophets and messengers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  Pilgrimage sites dot our whole landscape; shrines to Noah (Nuh), Lot (Lut), Khidr Elias, Elijah, Jethro (Shu`ayb), Moses (Musa), Joshua (Yusha), Aaron (Harun), Job (Ayyoub), John (Yahya), Jesus (`Easa), and the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad are pilgrimage destinations for people from the world over.


Travelers with special needs:

Of course every traveler has special needs!  But we have more experience with some than others.  Whoever you are, whatever your needs, EJT is devoted to making your experience the best it can be because we’re bent on serving not only you, but Jordan.
As always, the more information you give us, the better we can tailor your tour to your special needs.


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