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Travelers with special needs:

Of course every traveler has special needs!  But we have more experience with some than others.  Whoever you are, whatever your needs, EJT is devoted to making your experience the best it can be because we’re bent on serving not only you, but Jordan.
As always, the more information you give us, the better we can tailor your tour to your special needs.

Families traveling with children:

If you are traveling with children you automatically have very special needs!  If you let us know your daughters’ and sons’ ages, interests and needs we can do our best to weave them into your stay. 
Would you like your small children to have an experience playing with Arab village kids? or maybe your 14-year-old wants to go check his email with a local 14-year old, at a local internet cafe?  Maybe you would like to have dinner with a local family, or attend prayer with them.  Maybe you have a daughter who’s horse-crazy, or a kid who loves rock climbing.  Maybe you want a challenging outdoor experience for an urban child, or your 4-years-old wants to visit a farm... Or maybe your child is vegetarian? Or has special dietary needs? 
You get the idea - we want your kids to be entertained and engaged, and we also want them to remember Jordan as an interesting, comfortable, welcoming experience.

The elderly:

In Arab culture -and especially amongst the Bedouin- each of us respects our seniors and especially the elderly.  We are an active people, but precisely because of this we know that the older shepherd can’t cover as much ground, our grandmothers don’t walk the steep hill to the bakery without sitting in the sun and chatting for a few minutes. 
We can take you wherever you want to go, and we are sensitive to your own assessment of your abilities and energy level.  Maybe you want to walk the thousand steps to see the Monastery at Petra, but doubt your own ability to climb them?  No problem! We’ll walk as far as we can, take a wise rest in the sun as Grandmother does, take a few more stairs, and then catch a padded-saddled donkey for the rest of the way.  And coming down is the fun part!


The disabled:

We are attuned to your own assessment of your abilities and energy level or we will accept your commission to challenge you.  EJT provides accessible vehicles and can access natural and archaeological sites from specially permitted routes if the main access paths are too difficult to navigate.


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